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 Our production equipment.

The company possesses the following machines and equipment

 1.Two high-tech laser cutting machines: Mitsubishi and Mazak 

2. Press brake machine for bending sheet metal parts.

 3. Hydraulic press for bending 

 4. Automatic steel strip cutter

5. CNC lathes
        Dimensions of the machined part:
        - with bar feeding - diameter o 52 mm and length 1200mm
        -disk type parts  - part diameter o 200mm
                                  - part length up to 300mm

6. Universal lathes


7.  CNC machining centers –FANUC for high precise machining of prismatic parts and holes.
          Dimensions of the table -  400 mm х 800 mm

8. Universal milling machines

9. Radialdrillingmachines

9.CO2 welding  machines

10. Powder coating line